General Residential Philosophy
The learning environment and residential living are central to the John Brown University experience. Living in a residence hall with other students in similar situations fosters community, kinship, and develops relationships that last a lifetime. Moreover, research shows that 4 out of 5 students report that the most significant college experience occurred outside of the classroom. At John Brown University, we believe that the residence hall experience contributes dynamically to the spiritual formation of individuals. Students develop interpersonal skills that they will use in the classroom during their academic career and continue to use as they progress through their professional career.

Residential Policy
It is the university’s belief that the residential living experience is a vital part of the student’s development as a whole person. However, we recognize that there are approved circumstances for students to live off campus:
1) with a relative/staff/faculty member
2) married
3) 22 years of age.
4) Fulfillment of residency requirement.

Please review the John Brown University Community Covenant. All JBU undergraduate students must sign it and are expected to live by the expectations.

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Please select one of the three options pertaining to your approved circumstance.
I will be living with a relative.
I will be living with a staff / faculty member.
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Relationship to Student (eg Parent)

I am married, or will be married by the first day of classes.
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I will be aged 22 or older by the first day of classes.

Off campus application approved

Local address where you will be staying. Do not submit this form unless you already have a local address.

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